2021 Fitness Trend

The local Star Tribune reporter Jeff Strickler writes on fitness trends shaping for 2021. According to Jeff, the coronavirus pandemic has changed peoples workout habit as well as increased focus on mental & emotional health, including following a healthy & active lifestyle. The following is Jeff’s 2021 fitness trend prediction:

  • A hybrid home-and-gym workout schedule: with restriction to gyms visit, peoples are practicing their workouts at home with less access to equipment, yet hoe-gyms hybrid may continue in the future.
  • Increased focus on mental and emotional health: The pandemic stress raised awareness of overall well-being, including healthy diet and lifestyle and yet the biggest growth is likely to be seen in yoga, meditation and stretching.
  • Wearable fitness: Interests on wearable fitness gadgets would grow beyond watches to shoes and legwear to jackets and caps.
  • Workout during day: During the pandemic there was a jump in the number of people who work out during the day. ‘Numerous studies have shown that getting physical activity during the day (rather than morning or evening) makes people more productive and creative’, writes Jeff.