About Blog Site

In a previous note, I wrote about why to have a blog? What type of blog site is ideal – WordPress, Gatsby, React, Jekyll or any other framework! As a solo learner and control freak, I have settled to WordPress site. In CSS-Tricks, Chris Coyier puts in a more eloquent way :

I’m a solo developer for the most part on CSS-Tricks. Just me over here. I don’t have the budget for a fancy development team. But I still want to feel powerful and productive. That’s one of the things that WordPress has given to me. I feel like I can build just about anything on WordPress, and do it in a way that doesn’t feel like a mountain of technical debt that I would struggle to maintain.

Chris Coyier in CSS-Tricks

Even though I have settled in WordPress for a long time, I have been learning more recently React and Gatsby as side projects. These side learning projects challenge me to learn cutting edge technology that is getting popular recently.

My learning notes on site building with Gatsby and/or Gatsby-WordPress are still maintained on WordPress site. I might even maintain a Gatsby-WordPress powered site as an example but my focus would remain on creating content. One of the main attractions of the Gatsby-WordPress framework is that it allows me to redesign sites with content already stored on WordPress and continue using popular, open-source technologies too.

Always stay focused on creating contents!