This yet another site aimed at and focused on ‘just writing‘. Lately, learning to write how other writers do has been my another side project! That is how this site was conceptualized.

I am often reminded that ‘writing is a craft, it comes with practice only’. Like any other skills (eg. coding, doing research, singing, dancing etc) it is learnt with practice only. So, practice will be my new mantra too. Just practice, practice, practice .. and more practice.

The Just Write name comes from Sara Soueidan‘s inspiring post ‘Just Write‘. In the post, Sara says “one of my most recurring pieces of advice is telling people to just write — write down what you learned, no matter how big or small. [..] Don’t think about whether or not people will like or read your articles — just give them a home and put them out there.”

And that is exactly what is intend in this site. Just Writing!

This introduction was inspired by Desirée García’s this post.