Another Subdued Christmas

Christians around the world are celebrating another subdued pandemic Christmas today. One year ago, most of us had thought that 2021 X-mas would be a normal one, however, due to the worldwide spread of highly transmissible Omicron variant, several professional sports events, church services are cancelled already.

An explosion in cases driven by the rise of the Omicron variant has meant a Christmas season tainted by the pandemic for a second year running, with longed-for family reunions overshadowed by the prospect of yet more Covid-19 restrictions.

Herald Sun

Many churches cancelled Christmas services due to omicron concerns. The NPR News writes that the Holy Land is closed to pilgrims for the second x-mas because of COVID spread.

Millions of Indians are celebrating Christmas on a sombre note for the second year in a row amid fear and concern over the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

BBC News

Because of the shortage of staffs because of the Omicron cases, many airlines cancelled flights disrupting peoples holiday plans.

Airlines have blamed shortages of healthy staff for the cancellations of nearly 2,400 flights on Friday and more than 2,300 on Saturday. More than 800 of those cancelled on Saturday were to or from US airports.

BBC News

Some people are stranded at the airport transit and will be celebrating their disrupted x-mas at the airport lounge. While some were able to make it to their destination or a beach to celebrate their much waited holidays.

There’s no flights home. I’m celebrating in the best way I can. I love being in Australia, I love being in Bondi. Being on the beach for Christmas day is a dream come true.

Matthew Ryan Johnson (source: BBC News)
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