Creating Content

Many people want to write to pursue a writing career or just to express themselves. Writing is a craft and it requires practice just like any other skill.

I recently wrote about my experimental daily writing endeavor. Just write short posts, which I also call notes, and post daily. And I still continued writing & posting every day for almost eight months. Creating a daily writing habit is not easy as it requires disciple, dedication and passion.

Recently I was reading Jason Lengstorf‘s post on building a consistent content creation habit. In the post he discusses how some people like to have plans. “When it comes to building a habit for creating content, doing is so much more important that planning at all can hinder progress” writes Lengstorf.

Content Creation Habit

Lengstorf suggests that if we spend time to become perfect on everything (writing, website, blog, etc.) all of our time will be spent on planning how to become perfect and not producing anything. With regard to content creation, consistency in creating even imperfect content is more important than keeping planning for a perfect content and never producing anything. Lengstorf writes:

Until we’ve built a content creation habit, planning is the enemy of consistency.

Jason also offers a few tips on how to create a consistent content creation habit :

  • Focus on consistency, not correctness: consistent writing requires a building of a writing habit. As Charles Duhigg writes about building habits in his book “The Power of Habit” that habits are formed by repetitions, doing things over and over again. Once a habit is formed then we should start worrying how to make it better.
  • Go wide, the go deep: habits are created by doing things repeatedly. The things we like, we like to repeat over and again, and vice versa. But how do we know whether we like something or not without trying first! This requires trying with a wide net as Lengstorf suggests, experimenting with anything and everything that sounds fun and enjoyable.
  • Try everything: Try to figure out how one can be a productive writer. Many of us can’t produce content every time. Some days we are more creative and keep on writing but other times we can’t write even a few sentences.
  • If you enjoy, it’s easier to stay consistent: creating content that is fun to create makes it feel like play instead of work. That makes a huge difference in our ability to stay consistent, writes Jason.

Let’s stay focused on creating a consistent writing habit first then bothering about the quality of the content later.

Current Progress

This site was set up exactly one month ago on June 26. Since then, I have written 13 short posts, though a few posts are just a few sentences only, most others are probably reasonable. Without even having a goal, every other day (on average) I wrote a short note. This is in addition to my daily posting on another site for more than six months. Now, my next goal is to write at least 15 posts on this site every month.