Is Being Fat Unhealthy?

In this post, Chris Coyier writes referring from a slide posted to Instagram that “Isn’t being fat just unhealthy?

Chris dwells on the issue of “fat” and “fat-phobia” just like “trans jokes” or similar other jokes and writes:

As a fat, I’m mostly I’m annoyed at the world for all the fatphobia. Fat jokes, like gay jokes and trans jokes, tend to be incredibly lazy. Haha the cartoon fat kid likes cake! The cake-liking is the joke! Shopping for us fats is largely relegated to embarrassing experiences of digging to the very bottom of stacks of clothing praying for the off chance this stack has something that will fit, or even going to special sections or special stores, none of which concern themselves with actual style. Not to mention, ya know, all the bigger systemic problems that the smart people above talk about.

And yet. The question haunts me still. I’ve yo-yo’d a number of times in my life, occasionally flirting with being close to traditionally healthy and fit. During those times, I’m afraid I need to report: I felt healthier. I could do more, physically. I could run, at least a 5k. I felt like I could bike anywhere. I could ski. I was strong. I could fit into more stylish clothes and it helped my confidence. I felt sleepy when I put in a long hard day, not at noon on a Wednesday after sitting in a chair all morning. My blood pressure didn’t cause my dentist to worryingly suggest they might not even be able to clean my teeth if it doesn’t come down.