One Billion People with Obesity by 2030

According to a newly published World Obesity Atlas 2022 report, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 7 men globally will be living with obesity by the end of the 2030.

The Hill blog summarizing the report writes that people from lower and middle income countries “are projected to see the most significant rise, obesity rates are expected to triple in low-income countries”.

World Obesity Federation President John Wilding wrote “As a result, the world is catastrophically now off track to meet the WHO 2025 obesity targets which all world leaders committed to in 2013. It is time to deliver a comprehensive, cohesive and integrated approach to prevent and treat obesity.”

For too long we have all failed on obesity, and have witnessed generations of misunderstanding, fragmentation, under investment in and stigmatization of obesity and those affected by it.

President John Wilding, World Obesity Federation

Johanna Ralston, World Obesity Federation CEO, reportedly said that despite the likelihood that the world will miss 2025 obesity targets, there is reason to be hopeful.

“Every year we are increasing our scientific understanding of obesity, more people than ever are demanding action in their communities, and the recent momentum on securing WHO led coordination through a Global Action Plan on Obesity means we should remain hopeful.

But the missed opportunity of the last decade should be a warning that success will only come if we all work together and invest in implementing and supporting comprehensive actions to prevent, manage and treat obesity throughout the life course.”

– Johanna Ralston, World Obesity Federation CEO