Personal Letters

The other day while I was scanning News headline, one of my daily early morning routine, I came across this news headline — Most Americans haven’t sent or received a personal letter in more than five years: poll.

According to a recent CBS News survey poll results:

The second-highest percentage of people polled, 31 percent, fell into the category of 12 months or less of not sending such letters. Sixteen percent of respondents said that it had been between one and five years since they’d mailed a personal letter, while 15 percent said they never had.

– CBS News survey (source: The Hill)

According to the poll “older and younger people responded similarly when asked when they had written personal letters in recent years, however, those aged 18-44 were far more likely to have never sent a letter than their counterparts”.

Just looking myself, the survey results is probably true. I don’t even recall when I wrote my last personal letter and mailed? The email services killed our habit of hand-written personal letters — probably for good!