Russia’s Thousand-Year War

In Foreign Policy News, senior correspondent Michael Hirsh deep dives into thousands-years of Russian history against the Western liberal democracy and “the reasons for his (Putin) anti-Western enmity stretch back over Russia’s entire history—and they will be with us for a long time“.

Whether or not Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine ends any time soon, what is certain to continue is the Russian president’s abiding hatred and mistrust of the United States and other Western powers, which he believes left him no choice but to launch an unprovoked war. […] If it embraced the West and its democratic values, he said, “Russia would probably disintegrate.”

– Michael Hirsh on Foreign Policy News

For those of us who not history student and not familiar with the root cause of the current Ukraine-Russia conflict, this article is must read to understand the underneath the current media headlines.

Putin is riding the tiger of democratic self-determination in Ukraine and other former states of the Russian sphere—all of which now want to join the West—and he may not know how to get off. Eltsov argues that as a result of its centuries-long effort to control so many ethnic nationalities within its ever-shifting borders, Russia cannot survive for long as a true liberal democracy.