Severe Storms and Hard Computer Crash

Earlier this week, we had two bad storms that passed by Twin Cities area and caused extensive damage, including three reported deaths.

The Twin Cities metro area — which was hit hard by severe storms on Wednesday night — was largely spared by Thursday night’s storms. Winds gusted to 53 mph at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport as storms moved through late Thursday.

Source: MPR News

One of the main casualties of the storm was a brief power outage, resulting in a brief shutdown of all our electrical appliances, including the computers.

Computer Hard Crash

In one of my Mac machines, I was running MAMP server for my local WordPress development projects. The next morning, when I re-started my computer and tested the MAMP server, its SQL server failed to start even after several attempts. I search similar problems and tried to find quick solutions (eg. this reddit thread). Nothing worked!

I even tried to re-install MAMP server and used the db files from my project sites, I was not able to recovered my local project data. After spending an entire day trying to recover my lost data, I failed and finally gave up and decided to fresh start with Local flywheel.

One good news is since I work on the same projects in another machine located in a separate room and luckily in that machine the MAMP server still works. I can access some lost data (not exactly the same, though).

Now, I am slowly re-restoring my project sites with freshly creating local data, which might take me for a while. But I have no other options, but start fresh one project at a time!

Lesions learned: Never leave your MAMP server on after calling the day off!