Some Personality Types

An article on The Guardian headline asks Are you anxious, introverted or just a ‘highly sensitive person (HSP)’?. The author of the article David Robson writes he himself is an HSP person, including some celebrities like Alanis Morissette, Kanye West, Nicole Kidman and Lorde.

High sensitivity is often presented as a key contributor to depression and burnout. “A lot of people still think of it in terms of risk and vulnerability,”

– Prof Corina Greven of the Radboud University medical centre in the Netherlands (source: The Guardian)

David Robson adds:

The truth, however, is more complicated. Both high and low sensitivity can have advantages and disadvantages – it all depends on the context. And with a bit of self-knowledge about our place on the spectrum, we can all learn to find the right coping mechanisms to make the most of our personality profile.

On coping mechanisms, David Robson writes:

Personally speaking, I’ve found that the mere knowledge of sensory processing sensitivity, and its influences on our lives, has been enormously instructive. I now understand why I gravitated to a career in writing, where I can happily devote myself to long stretches of concentrated work. Being an HSP has also helped to explain why I am often easily distracted by tiny gestures in social interactions – such as the tone of someone’s voice or a brief change in someone’s facial expression. And – superficially – it means that I need no longer feel embarrassed by my extreme aversion to horror films.

There can be room for all kinds of personality types in this world. Whether you are dandelion, tulip or orchid, you can find your niche.