Summer Gardening

Minnesota winter last 8-9 months. People are eagerer to shed off their winter clothing and enjoy their summer fun. Summer season in Minnesota is very short (June through August). Still, it is most pleasant and beautiful part of the year.

People are thirsty of crazy-fun summer activities with long sunlit hours. Though sort, Minnesota summer is full of summer activities. Though sort, Minnesota summer is full of summer activities. One could enjoy BBQ in backyards or fishing in your favorite lakes with friends and families. Yet other may prefer bike rides, watching favorite game and enjoying amazing food. Still, others prefer visiting camping sites or road or air travels and others.


Yet some Minnesotans prefer to do their summer gardening. Gardeners have fun growing their own food. Gardening can be fun, educational and beneficial too. The biggest rewards of gardening is fresh foods and physical activities.

Our city provides well-tilled public garden plots for rent, every year. We have been renting such garden plots for many years, and we love it!

Our vegetable gardens include tomato, beans, zucchini, pumpkins, onions, peas, strawberries and others. We grow vegetables in compost soils only. We don’t add any chemical fertilizers nor apply any pesticides. We maintain our vegetables weed-free.

Learning From Others

One of the cool things about public gardening is that our garden is surrounded by other gardeners. Every one see what other gardeners are growing and how do they grow. It’s a great learning opportunities. Many gardeners we know each other and regularly exchange our thoughts.

Every garden is unique, grown and maintain differently. Some hand-weed their plots, while others mulched theirs with hey or plastics.

It’s only the beginning of the vegetable season. Those, who planted early, some of their vegetables started flowering already. Others are still completing their planting.

Note: this post is work in progress and will be updated with additional contents & images.