In this interesting article on Inc by author Scott Mautz writes how successful productive people like CEOs spend their Sundays. Scott argues that Sundays are vastly underutilized and only a few productive people are taking advantage of untapped potential of Sundays.

Scott shares, his own and other successful people’s approaches to make Sundays more useful and productive:

Scott: 6 Counterintuitive Things Successful and Productive People Do on Sunday

  1. Make a withdrawal from the bank, too. ” .. converting some of the energy they draw on Sundays from the things that matter most into a very short Sunday night burst of putting positivity and energy into the week ahead. It equates to an energetic five-minute self pep-talk to view the week ahead as filled with promise. One CEO put told him that this way: “On Sunday, I put 90 percent back into things that matter most, but I withhold 10 percent to get excited about what lies ahead.”
  2. Picture chaos. “One CEO shared with me a very interesting idea. On Sunday night, he specifically imagines the week ahead in chaos–because, despite the best laid plans, that’s often what happens. He imagines that the week gets blown up and disorganized again.
  3. Pull the plug. But then plug in. “The typical Sunday advice is to unplug. Set aside the devices and engage in life. I agree–up to a point, and not everyone will agree with what follows. A great Sunday night tactic I learned of is to actually plug back into your electronics for an hour to clear out the inbox and to help clear the mind so you can use Monday morning to move forward instead of sorting through back emails.
  4. Take the time to talk yourself off the ledge on Sunday night. ” … a process of attacking the “sinking feeling in the gut” head on, taking the time to work through why they were feeling it and why the week ahead didn’t need to cause so much angst.
  5. Don’t just relax, reorient. “Yes, Sundays are for taking it easy. But it’s also easy to take stock on your life on Sundays. I do this during my Sunday shower. With hot water flowing over my head, I review what the past week held, what the future week might hold, and where I am in my life altogether.
  6. Develop an attitude about gratitude. “The idea is that the yearning to show gratitude can easily wear off during the week, so you have to force the issue on Sunday. Yes, Sunday is a day of rest. But it can additionally set up the rest of your week in a successful and productive manner.

Source: Inc magazine

While assessing my own, my Sundays tend to be mostly productive.