Why To Have Blog Site

Recently I read a blog post about a blog post. The post got to my core why I have been writing my learning notes for almost six years. Recently, I have also started writing short posts, and some thoughts too. This post is one of my short-note thought posts. My short-note posts are usually not long, and are designed to be like a bookmark reminder if I needed in the future.

Leticia Portella’s blog post why you should have a blog post (and write in it) is on the spot. I thought about making some notes on it for my own future reference. The post is divided into mainly two parts: why to have a blog and what to write in it.

Philosophical Reasons

According to Portella, one should have a blog for either philosophical or personal reasons. Owning a personal site empowers us all to own our contents without sharing our data to big data congregations companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.

If everybody starts to create their own website, we will start the long and essential process of taking back the control of the Web: the Web is ours to use it as we like, and not to be controlled by half dozen of mega industries with their opaques algorithms.

Luciano Ramalho (source: leportella.com)

Other reasons to have a personal website include sharing knowledge and creating a personal online presence. Writing about our own experience may also help others to learn from our mistakes or achievements and help improve their lives.

Selfish Personal Reason

Portella gives three selfish reasons to have a blog site: a writing tool, build career and getting feedback. I can attest to that writing is an excellent learning tool. While writing my learning note posts, it helps me to conceptualize what I have learned and how to structure it in a post. As they say, teaching is the best method of learning.

Blog posts also provide opportunities to receive comments and handle constructive criticisms from others. Such comments provide excellent opportunities to learn and grow through it.

A blog site should not necessarily be a personal journal where one opens up all personal events and shares with others just like many young adults practice in social media sites nowadays. On a personal site, just sharing only what one is comfortable with but focuses on professional skills that could help enhance career prospects.

Excuses to Not Write

Portella offers the following answers to those who have excuses not to write:

  • I am not expert: One does not need to be an expert to explain and write. Just make sure to inform the readers that you are writing based on your knowledge.
  • Everybody know this: If something was written already, it does not mean that one shouldn’t write it again. Often we look for different articles on the same subject and some help us to understand better than others. Your post might do the same to the others too.
  • What if I made mistakes: Who does not make the mistake? We all do! If a mistake is noticed, go back and fix it. We all learn from our mistakes.
  • I have nothing to write about: There is a lot of things to write about. This will be discussed in a separate post.

This post was inspired by Leticia Portella’s blog post Why you should have a blog (and write in it).